Mimi's FYS Grimm to Disney Blog

I chose this course as my First Year Seminar because I love Disney movies. Ever since I was a little girl I have been watching Disney Movies. I think it would be cool to learn the history of fairytales and Disney Movies. I am interested in learning what is behind the fairytales and Disney movies. All my life I have known  the basic stories of these fairy tales but I want to go deeper and analyze what is the meaning of these Disney Movies/fairy tales. This seminar seems interesting and fun, not one of those classes you are forced to take. In this seminar I hope to accomplish learning new things I can share with other people, and improvement of my speaking and writing skills. I want to be able to give a presentation or speak in front of class without talking too fast or reading off a piece of paper. I hope to get better in my writing as I take this seminar, in terms of grammar and my thesis statements. I hope to accomplish getting opportunities and having new experiences. I hope I learn to love reading more from this class because maybe if I am taking a class that I am actually interested in, I will want to read more. My favorite fairytale is Cinderella. Cinderella is the outsider in her family with her step mom and her two evil step sisters but in the end she gets her prince. Cinderella is my favorite fairytale because I love the ending. She works hard everyday and is pushed around but as she goes through all that, she tries to keep a smile on her face and in the end she is rewarded with her prince. I love the animals that play a role in the fairytale, the mice and the birds. My favorite scene is where she and the birds are singing and getting her dressed. I love fairytales that have happy endings.


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