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Cinderella is a fairy tale that is called one of those “rise tales”. Within the fairytale there is a motif of “rags to riches through magic and marriage”. This motif can be found in many fairytales but it is unrealistic. Cinderella is stuck with her evil step mom and two wicked sisters. Cinderella wears rags as her daily outfit. She is forced to clean everyday and do chores by her evil step mom. They took her bed away and had to sleep next to the hearth in ashes. Her appearance is dusty and dirty in the beginning. In both the fairytale and movie it seems like she is all alone in the world but she is not. In the fairytale she has magical tree and the bird that gives her gifts to make her beautiful. In the movie she has the fairy godmother and the animals that support her. No matter how hard it gets she does not give up. She gets rewarded in the end for all the hard work and negative things she had been through. As she starts out as ordinary girl dressed in rags she is working extremely hard and then transforms into this beautiful princess that is being pursued by a prince. The magical tree and talking animals give her gifts such as gold, a silver dress and silk slippers embroidered with silver. She dances all night long with the prince. Cinderella goes to the magical tree and asks for gold and silver to fall down on her. The magical tree grants her wish and the bird responds by throwing her a beautiful dress that is even more beautiful then before. As she dances the night away with the prince she realizes she has to go and is in a hurry. She leaves a glass slipper behind. The prince runs after her but it is too late, she has gone. He declares his princess is the one who fit’s the glass slipper. There is no doubt in the end the fairytale rises and she ends up happily ever after with her prince. Rags to riches through magic and marriages is not realistic in real life, it only exists in fairy tales. If a person is struggling they cannot reach success with riches, magic or marriage. There is no such thing as magic in the real world. If you are extremely poor, you cannot just go to a tree and ask it to give you money. There is no easy way out of things, you work hard and push through to reach success. Marriages do not help someone reach success. I believe only you can reach success if you work hard and do not give up. To reach success you have friends, family, co-workers, etc to help you. Magic is peoples escape to reality, people want to believe and hope that there is that one guy or girl out there for them. One that will never give up on you and will love you forever. The reality is something’s do not work out and there are bound to be challenges and you do no just get out of things and reach success with magic or riches. There is a movie called Cinderella Story starring Hilary Duff and  Chad Michael Murray. In the movie the girl Sam looses her dad in a earthquake. She is left with the evil step mom Fiona and two wicked sisters. The movie is a high school setting, she starts out as an outcast and made fun of by the popular girls. She has this secret admirer that has been emailing and texting her. They finally meet in the middle of the dance floor at a Halloween dance as she is dressed as Cinderella in disguise and he appears as nomad. The world sees them as two totally different people who do not belong together but in their eyes they are perfect for each other. The popular crowd does not see Sam as normal, they make fun of her and are mad because Austin dumped his super hot ex-girlfriend for Sam. In the end the story rises and she gets her prince in the end. The famous kiss in the rain scene occurs and they live happily ever after and go off to college together. This all happens in a movie and if it does happen in real life it is rare. This is what every girl dreams about in life but in reality it does not happen like this. A person cannot reach success through magic, riches or marriages in the real world!


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