Mimi's FYS Grimm to Disney Blog

The original tale of Snow White by Brothers Grimm and Disney’s film Snow White are very much alike but have differences too. In the original tale of Snow White the queen was sewing and then pricked her finger and then three drops of blood fell on the snow.  She wished for  a child that was white as snow and red as blood and black as wood. The queens wish was fulfilled and she got a daughter who was white as snow, red as blood, and her hair as black as ebony. The queen has a magic looking glass that she asks “ who in this realm is the fairest of them all”. When she asks the mirror it says that Snow White is a thousand times more fair. This makes the queen furious and she now wants to kill Snow White. The queen forces the huntsman to kill Snow White as she goes into the forest. However the huntsman does not have it in him to kill a beautiful child. So instead he lets her go into the forest and kills a boar instead. He takes the lungs and heart out of the boar it gives it to the queen. The queen thinks she has devoured Snow Whites internal organs. Therefore she goes back to the mirror and ask the same question and the mirror responds back “ you my queen may have a beauty quite rare but beyond the mountains where the seven dwarfs dwell, Snow White is thriving and within the realm she is still a thousand times more fair”. The queen is extremely angry with this so she attempts to kill Snow White three different times. The first time she dresses up as an old woman who offers pretty laces. The second time she dresses up as a old peasant woman and offers pretty combs and the third time she is in disguise she offers Snow White a poisonous apple.  Snow White asks the dwarves if she can stay and sleep at their house and in exchange she will do the cooking and cleaning. The dwarves are over joyed and are happy with this. They warn Snow White not to open the door to anyone, but since Snow Whites desires are too close to the queens temptations she opens the door three different times and ends up dieing from the poisonous apple. When the dwarves realize she is gone they put her in a glass coffin on the top of a mountain. The prince asks the dwarfs if he could have her as a gift and tells the dwarves he will cherish her and treat her as the dearest possession. As they carry her up the mountain in the coffin they stumble over some shrubs and the jolt caused the poisoned piece of apple that Snow White had eaten to come out of her mouth. Then she wakes up and lives happily ever after with her prince. The Disney Film is pretty much the same as the Grimm tale there are just some differences. In the movie The prince approaches Snow White as she lays dead in the coffin leans down and kisses Snow White and from there she wakes up and lives happily ever after with her prince.  Also in the movie Snow White when she reaches the dwarves house she gathers all the animals and starts to clean the house without permission. The dwarves come back and they wonder why it is so clean they are so happy and let her stay. In the movie the queen asks for Snow Whites lung and lives not heart and lungs. In the Grimm tale she wanted the heart because it represents her love and purity and passiveness that the queen did not have.  Disney diverted from the original version of the tale because they wanted to make it appeal to a younger audience. The endings were changed to show little girls that one day their prince will come and save them and have a happily ever after. They also wanted some change so it was not the same old and more modern.


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