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The three versions of Bluebeard are similar and different. The three different versions of Bluebeard are The Fitchers Bird, The Robber Bride Groom, and Bluebeard. Bluebeard is about a man who murders his wives and attempts of one wife to avoid the fate of her predecessors. In blue beard both girls are pushed to marriage and have intellectually curiosity. In all the versions there is sexual temptation and jealousy. The girls have curiosity and are disobedient. They want to know what is in the forbidden room and therefore use the golden key and go in it. In bluebeard the symbols were the egg and the bloody key. In the Fitchers Bird the youngest girl prepared a wedding feast, dressed up a skull and put it in the window, and covered herself with honey and feathers, so she looked like a strange bird. The girl is the “Fitcher’s Bird” by guests and the sorcerer, and tells them the bride is preparing the house. The guests and sorcerer went into the house. But the three sisters’ brothers and relatives barred the doors and burned down the house, so the sorcerer dies. All three versions are unique because they reflect on how people are tempted into their desires easily. I did not like anyone of the three versions the best because they are all similar in away. They have the same basic idea and storyline.


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