Mimi's FYS Grimm to Disney Blog

My first year seminar class Grimm To Disney with Professor Esa was a great class. I learned about fairy tale tradition and an overview of famous German Fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. In class we compared the Brothers Grimm fairy tales to Disney movie adaptations.  We read, discussed and analyzed different fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and Disney film adaptations. We read, discussed, and analyzed the following fairy tales  Sleeping Beauty, Hansel& Gretel, Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard & Robber Bridegroom, and Rapunzel. We also watched the fairy tales film adaptations. I learned how the fairytales are illuminated from various perspectives such as feminist, formalist and psychoanalytic approaches. In the first blog I ever wrote it asked why I chose this first year seminar and what is my favorite fairy tale and why. I said I chose this FYS because “ I thought it would be cool to  learn the history of fairy tales and Disney movies. I am interested in learning what is behind the fairy tales and movies. I want to go deeper and analyze the fairy tales . I  did not just learn about the famous folklorist’s such as Charles Perrault, Bastille  and the Brothers Grimm, I learned how to analyze and explain the meaning of the fairy tales  I was able to figure out why certain things are the way they are.  In addition to that I read articles written by Anne Sexton, Gilbert and Gubar etc.  For example we analyzed Snow White, one thing I learned was the queen wanted Snow Whites heart because it represents her love and purity and passiveness that the queen did not have. Disney diverted from the original version of the tale because they wanted to make it appeal to a younger audience. The endings were changed to show little girls that one day their prince will come and save them and have a happily ever after. They also wanted some change so it was not the same old and more modern. We watched the movie Silence of  The Lambs and compared it to Little Red Riding cap. I never would have made the connections and comparisons to the tale and movie because it seemed impossible. I  would not know that Hannibal and Little Red Riding hood have similarities and differences’ if I did not take this class. The wolf in Little Red Riding Hood and Hannibal can be compared because they both are evil villains consuming human bodies.  This First year seminar class was very interesting and informative. I also improved my writing skills for my papers and my speaking skills for presentation. 


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